About Us

Milton Keynes Circuit consists of Methodist churches in the older towns and villages that surround the new city of Milton Keynes, along with ecumenical churches throughout the new areas.

Click on Find a Church for a map and list (by neighbourhood) of the different churches.  An alphabetical clickable list of churches by name appears on the right of this page below the news headlines.

Seven of the churches are solely Methodist, one is Methodist/Baptist, and one is Methodist/URC.  The other twenty all involve partnership between the Methodist Church and the Church of England, the Baptist Church and the United Reformed Church, and in four cases the Roman Catholic Church is also a partner.

We are in the process of forming a United Area with the United Reformed Church to further facilitate the sharing of mission and resources.  This will bring two addtional URC congregations into the mix.

We are part of the Milton Keynes Mission Partnership which, like Churches Together Groups elsewhere, seeks to bring together in mission the churches of Milton Keynes.